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Strategic Planning for Small Businesses

This program is specifically designed to be stress -free for the small business owner or entrepreneur while providing them with the tools to develop a strategic plan for their unique business needs. Participants in this program will develop a strategic plan that can be simply implemented and will provide their desired results.

Strategic planning provides overall direction to an organization using the mission, vision, values, goals, and resources. This program covers two basic planning analysis, resource budgeting, plan implementation and assessments. By taking part in this 6-week course participants can expect to:

  • Learn to implement fundamental strategic planning analysis.
  • Solidify their targeted market position.
  • Develop an actionable plan that will allow them the reach their business goals.
  • Have a strategic planning model that can be repeated as the business evolves.

Remember “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”. Classes begin Thursday, June 20th, and run through Thursday, August 1st. Space is limited so secure your spot today! Click the link below to register.

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Small Business Strategic Planning

So many small businesses lose money or fail completely because they do not have a plan to guide them to their desired success. This simple, affordable, strategic planning program was developed specifically to help small business owners realize their vision. For one low-cost rate, this program provides business owners with 12 one on one instructional sessions to develop their plan. Participants will also gain an understanding of the strategic planning process and obtain a planning model that can be used repeatedly as their business evolves and expands.  Click the button below and get started planning today.

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Organization Strategic Planning

From money to staff and volunteers to time; for every organization, it is important to utilize every resource to its full potential to improve the situations of those in your targeted population. To do this, strategic planning is key. Carla P. Yarbrough is ready to help you develop a strategic plan for your organization that will improve your processes,  increase staff productivity, and maximizes your resources. Click below and start planning today.

Please Note: You must schedule at least 12 hours prior to the appointment time you would like.

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Personal Strategic Planning

You have a purpose. One that is designed to fulfill you, bring you joy and sustain your life. Carla P. Yarbrough can help you identify your purpose and develop a strategic plan to live that purpose out. Click the link below and begin walking out your purpose today.

Please Note: You must schedule at least 12 hours prior to the appointment time you would like.

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