About Carla P. Yarbrough

Carla WP Small

While I love to speak and talk about purpose, I am like everyone else when it comes to talking about myself. I can’t think of a thing to say. I always feel awkward because I know me best and I know the flaws in me only God gets to see. Now I could tell you about my childhood and how I grew up in a strict religious church that made me more afraid of the Lord than trusting of Him. Or I could share that I was a horrible student straight through high school because I didn’t know I was smart until I was in my 30’s and my wonderful husband Vincent believed in me and my amazing friend Rhonda pushed me out of my box and encouraged me to shine. But that’s boring and nobody wants to hear that. I even thought about sharing how I went back to college to finish my bachelor’s and get my master’s at age 43 while homeschooling three kids, helping my husband with his business, and undergoing multiple reconstructive bone surgeries. But then I thought people would read that and think I was tooting my own horn when really, I’m just so amazed, I didn’t kill over in the midst of all of it I have to share how the Lord carried me through it. So instead of trying to think up something interesting and humble to say about myself, I have asked my family and friends to tell you one to four things they think you should know about me. I hope what they have to say gives you a bit more insight into who I am.


If I can only say four things about my wife, I think everyone should know, I would first say she is a woman of faith and she governs her life by the word of God. Next, she is keenly focused on purpose and helping people understand what God has put them on earth to do. She is also a woman of strong integrity. Finally, she is a creative problem solver.                                                                                                  Vincent Yarbrough


She is a hardworking woman who is dedicated to any task she takes on

Donavin Yarbrough


What I would say everyone should know about my sister Carla is that she is a student of the word and loves the Lord. She is meticulous in how she does everything. Also, even though she is very busy all the time she is really a homebody.

Paula Drummond


Everyone needs a mom like mine. She is a comforter and always there when people need her. She also gives good advice and helps people work out problems without giving them the answer.

Raina Yarbrough


My sister Carla is a lot of things but there are a few things that stand out. She is very smart. She is focused and determined. She also has great management skills.

Donna Evans


The thing you should know about my mom is that she is an intelligent, purpose-driven woman with a clear sense of her goals and where she is headed.

Cody Yarbrough


If you have met my Auntie Carla and you have not taken advantage of these three things you are missing out. She is an awesome teacher, a great counselor, and an amazing cook.

Summer Bell


While there is so much, I could say about my friend Carla, the three things you will notice about her right away are she is family-oriented, a visionary, and very focused.

Rhonda J. Smith