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Carla P. Yarbrough understands that Purpose should be the driving force behind any major decision, action, or undertaking. Corporations are guided by purpose as they make changes to the business and employee structure. entrepreneurs are guided by purpose as they decided what business to start. Also, students are guided by purpose as they make decisions about what program to pursue in school. However, the question to be answered before beginning any purpose-driven endeavor is whether or not we are trying to fulfill the purpose set for us, or are we setting ourselves up for failure and frustration by pursuing something not meant for us? Through her message of purpose Carla P. Yarbrough, helps individuals and businesses find purpose and understand the importance of developing an actionable plan that guides them to the fulfillment of that purpose.

Here Are Some of the Topics Carla P. Yarbrough Addresses as a Speaker.
  • Corporate Audiences
    • Getting employees engaged in the company’s purpose.
    • Proper employee placement that benefits the company’s purpose.
    • Making a difference in a large company.
  • Entrepreneur Audiences
    • Choosing Your Business: What Mark should I be making in the business world.
    • Who Purpose is It Anyway: Building a Family Business or Partnership.
    • Business Plan vs. Strategic Plan: The Purpose of Strategic Planning for The Entrepreneur
  • Personal Growth Audiences
    • What is purpose and Do I have It?
    • Planning for Purpose, It’s Not a Free Fall
    • With Great Success Comes Work, Following the Plan.

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